Folsoms Hope.


Folsom is a prosperous city where family, community, service, and generosity are strongly held values. But in the midst of this prosperity, there is also great need.

Families are broken.

Parents are caught in the grip of destructive behavior. And children bear the consequences.

When a child lives in turmoil, just getting through the day is a monumental effort – and things like schoolwork, learning, reading, recreation, nutrition, and even basic hygiene (things most of us take for granted in our families) become an afterthought.

Without intervention, these negative early experiences shape a child’s identity well into adulthood.

“I experienced something bad”
> becomes >
“I AM something bad.”

The cycle repeats itself, and the dysfunction passes from generation to generation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Research shows – and our own experience affirms – that caring, consistent, one-on-one attention can have a transformative effect on the lives of struggling children.

And, so, Folsom’s Hope is doing just that: mentoring, tutoring, supporting, encouraging, and nurturing at-risk students – elementary, middle, and high school – to stop generational dysfunction right here and right now.